Radio Room.

How was it built?  Did we have a radio room to look at and copy? 

When we started the project we had no old radio room  structure to refer to.  We had drawings and … pictures we took from existing B-17G models  which are still flying around.  We studied the drawings and progressed slowly.

The Radio Room is installed between Bulkhead 5 and 6.

Bulkhead 5 is at the edge from the bomb bay structure, at the right hand side of the spacers on the mock-up, shown below.

             Bulk Head 6 ……Bulk Head 5…..Bomb Bay area

Concept of the radio room structure. The open section to the right of the spacers is the bomb bay area.
Bulk head 5.  The radio room will be attached to this bulk head.


May 2010 005
Start of the radio room construction.   A special frame had to be welded to support the radio room structure during  the initial  construction.  All the parts and pieces for the radio room were made in Urbana.    Note:  All the welded supports around the airplane are painted blue.  




In this picture the bulkheads 5a thru 5g are identified by the spacers.


The sheet metal skin is wrapped around the bulkheads.  Additional braces were added to support forward the forward assembly, these braces are attached the wing attachment brackets.   The blue support structure inside the radio room can then be removed.


Skin is wrapped around the radio room.  Radio room support structure is still in place.








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