Building a B-17 with Volunteers.

The  Museum’s volunteers are building a ” Memorial”, to remind our future generations of the sacrifices made by the US Army Air Force service men who participated in air battles during World War II.


What is volunteerism?

     It is doing something in the hope it will make a difference to  however small in  someone else’s life.

It is an opportunity to give something back to society. We volunteered to build an Army Air Force, WWII, “Memorial” which will fly when completed.

IMG_1617 - Copy

The project has been going on since January of 2006. Most of the volunteers are driving 15-50 miles.  They come from Urbana, Springfield, the greater Dayton area, Columbus, Delaware, Sidney etc. in Ohio. Some come from places more than 50 miles away.

Several of these volunteers who have been with the B-17 project, since the start, have worked thousands of hours on the airplane and they agree with the statement  below.

The project is a challenge.

Oct. 6 #2

 We thank  the volunteers for spending many hours on the project, especially the ones who are staying with it for years.


                                                                       Urbana front sign

 The Museum is supported by donations from private sources and businesses.  No government support. The workers are volunteers, who spend countless hours on the B-17 project.

             The Champaign Aviation Museum is a not for

                          profit 501 (c)(3) organization.


The volunteers  welcome all visitors to move freely through their work area and ask questions about the project and the work they are doing.  Many  of the volunteers have been working on the B-17 project for several years and are well informed about the project and the history of the airplane.


 Scroll down for more about the B-17.


This website is under development and information is added all the time about the history of this project.



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