About the Champaign Aviation Museum

Urbana front sign

The Champaign Aviation Museum is a not-for-profit organization. It is  a 501 (c)(3) organization.  The museum depends on financial support from sponsors and  individual contributors.


The main attraction in this museum is the construction of a large World War II bomber. A team of volunteers is building a B-17 airplane.   The project was started in Jan. 2006 and should be completed in 2023,  or before, and be in flying condition.


The B-17 airplane, a “Memorial” is built to commemorate the airmen who served in the Army Air Force during the period 1941-1945. 

After the airplane is completed it will be a “Flying Memorial” to educate and remind the future generations about the sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation, during World War II.


Airplanes on display: 

The museum has on display inside the building (4) airplanes of which (3) are airworthy and fly to airshows.  The most famous type of airplane is the B-25, the “Champaign Gal”. The other (2), airworthy air planes are a 1942 Stinson 10 and a 1938 F-24 Fairchild.  The Stinson, on display, was used in WWII, as a submarine spotter and carried a 100lb. bomb. It was flown by the Civil Air Patrol along the East  Coast. This airplane has a great history. 

Additional airplanes on display are a WWII,  Douglas C-47 Sky Train and an Douglas A-26 Invader light bomber. Both airplanes will be restored in the years to come after the B-17 project is getting closer to completion.



 Financial Support.

The project of constructing a new B-17 and the restoration of the C-47 and the A-26 depends on the donations from the public.

The museum gets no support from Fed./State or City governments.  It depends on private donations to build and restore the Memorials in this small but unique museum.



The visitors to the Museum can walk freely through the area where the B-17 is constructed and talk to any of the volunteers who are happy to share their project and the items they work on. Pictures can be taken of everything in the museum.



One thought on “About the Champaign Aviation Museum”

  1. Hello,

    I am embarking on a strikingly similar project in Fort Collins, Colorado. The project has begun, and we would love to collaborate with information, or perhaps some other way. Our website is not yet complete, and some information is outdated. You can view it at http://www.FortCollinsB17.org


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